Find our Sauces in the Friendly City Food Co-op!

by James Muia August 04, 2016

Find our Sauces in the Friendly City Food Co-op!

If you find yourself in Harrisonburg Virginia, you can now find our sauces at the Friendly City Food Co-op! This local grocery store has an amazing variety of local products with a fantastic staff of people to support the local community. The store itself carries a large selection of local foods, spices, wines, jams, and many other local products that you can't find at the larger grocery stores. If you are like me and you love cereal, then this is the place to go. They have a large variety of granola for cereal, that is completely fresh. There are plenty of fresh spices, some of which you may have never even heard of that smell fantastic. The best part is, you don't have to commit to a large bag of spices, you can buy just the amount that you want.

Let's not forget their amazing selection of wines! You'll be able to find wines from Bluestone Vineyard and many other locally produced wines. If you are out of wine then be sure to check out their selection, it will save you a trip to the winery!

Furious Sauces at the Friendly City Food Co-op in Harrisonburg Virginia

You can find our Dragon's Smoke and Monstera's Agony sauces in the store currently. They plan to switch out our sauces seasonally so you'll find our other flavors there at different times throughout the year!

The Friendly City Food Co-op has this modern and hip vibe, all while promoting local and healthy foods. If you are into fresh salads, then it makes a great place to have lunch. You can prepare your own salad and add any toppings you want. There's plenty of room outside to sit, where you can enjoy your meal.

Gloria and I couldn't be more excited to be in the Friendly City Food Co-op. It's a great local grocery store promoting many local products, and we're happy to be a part of it!

James Muia
James Muia


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