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James and Gloria with Furious Sauces
James and his wife Gloria started Furious Sauces in 2015


Growing up in different households, spicy sauces were a staple for both James and Gloria's families. James's father would make all kinds of different spicy dipping sauces for their foods. They would also try new hot sauces frequently. For Gloria who grew up in Puerto Rico, she was introduced to hot and spicy versions of Pique and a variety of salsas. Both James and Gloria learned that sauces can improve the taste of food if those sauces can deliver the perfect balance between heat and flavor.

Taking the knowledge that they grew up with, James and Gloria both started toying around in the kitchen making various sauces. They decided to start with Habanero level heat, and work their way up from there. After months of testing their initial five flavors, the feedback they received from friends and family was very positive. The positive feedback pushed James and Gloria to move forward and start their own hot sauce company so that more people could enjoy them.

The mission they set out to achieve:

"To create unique and delicious hot sauces that pair great with any kind of food without overpowering the taste."

Anyone can make hot sauces that are hot, but the true mastery is making sauces that have enjoyable heat with great flavor. That's what James and Gloria strive for.

Furious Sauces has been in business for a number of years, selling their sauces at local farmers markets, events, wholesaling, and even in local grocery stores. The company has won numerous awards for their sauces, including a Scovie award.

Furious Sauces produces gourmet level hot sauces with unique flavor profiles, and currently produces each batch of sauce by hand. If the right co-packing partner comes along, that could change, but for now James and Gloria enjoy overseeing the production of their products.

James and Gloria
Founders, Furious Sauces

Furious Sauces is a hot sauce company located in Harrisonburg, Virginia nestled within the Shenandoah Valley.