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Red Finger Ghost and Vampyr Scorcher

Introducing Red Finger Ghost and Vampyr Scorcher!

We're excited to announce that our two newest hot sauces Red Finger Ghost, and Vampyr Scorcher are now available for sale. These are available in limited quantities right now as we gather enough ingredients to produce another large batch!

We're very happy with how both of these sauces turned out and we're sure you're going to like them too!

Red Finger Ghost:

Red Finger Ghost

Whenever customers ask for specific types of sauces, James makes a note of it in the back of his mind. Overtime the ideas for a sauce start to come and a recipe begins to take shape. We’ve had quite a few customers request a sauce that goes well on curry, naan, chicken and rice.

James started researching different Indian style foods and what kinds of ingredients are used to make those dishes. The priority for Red Finger Ghost was that not only did it have to use Ingredients that are used in other Indian dishes, but it had to be hot! James decided to use Jwala peppers and ghost peppers, along with roma tomatoes and coconut milk as the main base of ingredients. Overall the sauce turned out really well and we’re excited to see what others think about it, especially people from Indian culture.

This sauce goes well on Indian specific breakfasts like Idli and sambar, dosa, paratha, etc, and omelettes. For lunch and dinner meals it will go perfectly on tandoori chicken, biryani, chicken tikka masala, curry, chili, and more!

Vampyr Scorcher:

Vampyr Scorcher

Like Red Finger Ghost, Vampyr Scorcher is very much a customer driven sauce. We had a lot of customers request a garlic based sauce, and at the time we didn't have anything in our line up that met those needs. James got in the kitchen and worked on a new recipe using fresno peppers, garlic and black pepper, to create this newest garlic-explosion

Late last year we sent out a survey to our newsletter subscribers and requested those interested to help us fine tune it. We received a lot of great feedback, and overall the ratings we received for it was a 7-10 which we were happy to see!

Taste Scale Survey Rating

We made a few adjustments based on the feedback we received regarding the heat level as the ratings were a bit lower than we expected. The amount of peppers increased by 35% making it a bit hotter than the samples we sent originally!

This sauce goes well on a lot of foods, but we enjoy it tremendously on pizza and grilled chicken. If you love garlic, you're going to enjoy this sauce!

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