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New hot sauces are arriving in Q2, designed with unique styles!

New hot sauces are arriving in Q2, designed with unique styles!

Halfway through 2023, James finally found some time to get back into the kitchen to test some recipes for two new sauces. Since we started back at the Harrisonburg Farmer's Market in the spring, our customers have been requesting a garlic-focused hot sauce non-stop! We decided that we needed to do something about that, and add a sauce to our lineup to meet those demands. After we got the recipe close, we asked our Club Members for feedback and sent out samples for them to try.

With the feedback we collected, we were able to finalize the sauce, which James has creatively named: Vampyr Scorcher.

The second sauce that James had in mind, was a sauce that would be great on Indian dishes, as we don't really have anything in our lineup (besides Golden Elixir) that goes well with Indian foods. Golden Elixir itself wasn't created specifically for Indian foods, but it does pair well on some Indian-Style dishes. We've added some creative ingredients to this sauce, that make it stand out from the crowd, and for those of you who enjoy heat, you will find this one appealing. We've named it Red Finger Ghost as it's made with Jwala/Red Finger Chili Peppers, and Ghost Peppers.

We'll be talking more about both of these sauces when they have been approved for production and sale. As of right now we think we're on track to release them by April.

Our newest sauces are crafted with specific themes that have their own unique style and special characters to make them stand out. All of our labels and branding is designed by our good friend Sami Amadeo from ZOOT Advertising.

We look forward to servicing you in 2024 and developing new sauces to enhance your meals!

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