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Vampyr Scorcher Sample Bottle

Meet Vampyr Scorcher! A new garlic-focused hot sauce in the works!

Now that the busy season is behind us, we are finally able to dedicate more time to working on new hot sauce recipes. James has wanted to make a garlic-focused hot sauce for a while now and our customers have requested one for quite some time!

We are happy to say that we are nearing the final stages of the sauce, to where we think we've nailed down an enjoyable heat and flavor profile. We are calling it Vampyr Scorcher, and it's made with Fresno peppers, garlic, and black pepper! We are going to do some market testing for this sauce, and send out some samples to our club members to get their thoughts on it.

We enjoy including our community in the sauce making process because it allows us to collect non-biased feedback and make final tweaks before we stamp the seal of approval on it. We did this in the past with our Sinister Craze sauce, and the feedback we received was valuable in finalizing it.

If you'd like to have a chance at receiving a sample of one of our upcoming sauces, it's as easy as joining our newsletter!

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